Acca Industries S.r.l. won the first edition of the prestigious MITDesignX Venice 2022 competition!

On Wednesday 23 November, 10 innovative Tech-Startups presented their projects to a local audience of investors, policy makers, sector leaders and supporters of the Venice Foundation and the IUAV University of Venice.

MIT DesignX Venice was designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT of Boston (director Gilad Rosenzweig) in collaboration with SerenDPT (founder Fabio Carrera), a Benefit Corporation whose mission is to help repopulate Venice by supporting the creation of startups that they will produce high-quality jobs in the historic city.

The 10 startups were selected on the basis of their commitment to present projects dedicated to solutions for the city of Venice and for vulnerable environments around the world, using Venice as a microcosm and laboratory.

Acca Industries won by presenting its device that produces a mixture of hydrogen/oxygen on-demand to be applied as a retrofit to internal combustion engines, to make them “Greener”. For Venice, Acca Industries has proposed its device for cargo transport boats, lagoon fishing boats and tourist boats.